Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Where the heck did summer go?

Don't you think it stinks that summer is so much shorter than it was when we were kids? My kids got out of school on June 10th, and go back on August 27th. I know plenty of other kids who go back even sooner! Ugh!

We have done some great things this summer; a trip to Santa Cruz, a fabulous family camping trip, a fun trip to Reno, an upcoming trip back to Santa Cruz to hit the beach, and lots of relaxing time at home and with friends, but still it seems so short!

I say this at the end of the day, when this morning I'm sure I was thinking "Are these people ever going to go back to school?" but right now, it seems sad that it is almost over.

Any ideas on how to make the most of the three weeks we have left?

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Jen said...

Shannon didn't get out until the end of June but at least she doesn't have to go back until Sept. 1.

She has band camp the last week of summer, so I'm planning all sorts of little things to do like going to the movies and a trip to the zoo (we do this every year in August and love it). I also plan on letting her invite some friends over for a sleep over or something fun like that.