Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Robes

One of the things that the King and I have learned while traveling is how nice it is to have coffee delivered to your room in the morning. Since I hate those in room coffee pots (thanks to disgusting stories my sister Jenna told me about what people really use those for) I won't use them. But I do need my caffeine first thing so having coffee delivered is perfect. So last night we ordered it from room service before we went to sleep (or passed out, it all depends on how you want to look at it).

This morning the King was up early. This is not normal. So I asked "What is with you?" To which to King replied "That was the worst night sleep I ever had, this room is so hot, the pillows suck, I felt like I was falling off the bed all night, the maid tried to bust into the room three times already and I'm annoyed." Oh-oh. Not good.

After getting some water, taking some aspirin and walking around a bit, he got back into bed. It was 8:45 and coffee was set to arrive at 9.

Here is the conversation:

King: "I guess I better get up and get dressed for the coffee guy to come. I'd just put a robe on but there aren't any in this room."

Me: "Really? That sucks. They really should have them. Why don't you wreck the guy's whole day and just open the door naked and say "Hey guy. I'd have a robe on right now, but your hotel doesn't have them. I hate to do this to you, but maybe this experience will change things around here. What do you think?"

We laughed for about a half an hour about that.......


Jennifer said...

Oh my I even want to know what people do with those in room coffee machines? Michael uses them all the time, but I never drink the coffee out them. Now I guess I have new reasons not to use them.

That conversation was hysterical! Answer the door naked...priceless!

nicole said...

ooh the king is so damn funny.. you should of definitely went to the door au'natural & blamed it on the robe.. haaa.
what do they do with the coffee pots?

Krissa said...

UGH! I saw the 20/20 where they show the maid cleaning the toilet and then cleaning the glasses with the same cloth, and then putting those paper covers on them to make them look "fancy" and clean. EEEWWW. I am intrigued by what people use coffee pots for though.
I love the idea of opening the door naked... that would make them get robes in there for sure!!!

Lou said...

I have this vision in my head of how that scene would have played out and I think it would have been totally hilarious. You would have gotten more than robes I am betting...

Kevin said...

what the F...lets get moving sister we are going on a month and a half.