Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let's Try This Again

Folks, I fell off the wagon. No excuses. I'm going to try harder. I really am.

Here goes.

I am dealing with a new problem over here at the house. Let me tell you about it.

In our house, we stress communication. We tell the kids that it is important, that you have to talk, tell us what is happening, be honest, etc. And I have to say the kids are good about it. So far, even Olivia at 12, is still happy to talk to us, tell us things that are happening, etc.

Matt, on the other hand, has taken this communication thing to a new, and very very annoying, level. At 7, he is going through a little bit of a "nervous" stage - nervous about changes to the routine, about going to people's houses he doesn't know........blah blah. I'm not all that sympathetic I must say. Especially if when he gets his freak on, I have to change my plans to accommodate the freakness. Not good.

I assume that he realizes that this irritates me. So he has come up with a new method.

He emails me his feelings. Yup. That's right. He has a little hotmail account with just family members in it, and unfortunately, I am in there. So he parks his little butt down, and writes me a note containing his deepest feelings, and sends it to me. As he does this, I am downstairs. I am actually in the house.

Here is the latest:

"hi mom i know that were having a playdate but im just sortuve freaked out and i bet you would get freaked out to if you heard this this is alote of times to get because in califonia theres not alote of people that get robbed here shes gotten robbed twice one time they got robbed 700 dollars and then the second time semeone broke into there house and stole there game system like a wii or something i think it was a wii she told and to not tell anybody else because shes not supposed to talk about it not that i dont want to go im just a little nervous because i havent really been in a house that small"

Anyone out there a therapist? I'm thinking I might need one.


noble pig said...

First, let me just say I almost fell off my chair as this popped into my feed reader...cause it's been like the desert here for so long.

And that poor thing. OMG did you laugh and cry at the same time?

I'd be nervous too going there to the robber's kingdom.

Jennifer said...

Awww....poor baby! That was the cutest, sweetest email I've ever seen.

I have no idea what to tell you, but I know what I would tell my daughter if she told me these things...I would tell her she didn't have to go then I'd make up some excuse as to why he wasn't coming over.

I hope everything works out. Great to see you back on the blog!