Monday, March 16, 2009

Great book!

I've been reading a ton lately. I'm not sure when I fit it in, but I take my book with me to pick up the kids, to drop off the kids, to pick up the kids, to drop off the kids.....I think you catch my drift. A page here, a page there - they add up!

My latest read is "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan. It is a historical fiction book - ie, there are facts and there is fiction so you learn something, but it is told in a way that makes it interesting!

This is a story about a portion of the life of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. I knew very little about Frank aside from the books the King has bought and a trip we took to a house Frank built in Phoenix that is now museum/national landmark. Pretty cool!

Anyway, from page 1 I loved this book. And since I had NO IDEA what Frank's life was about, it was riveting to me.

If you like books that entertain and teach (my favorites) go quickly to the bookstore and get this book.

If you read it let me know what you think!

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Jennifer said...

Oooo...that book sounds good! I love Frank Lloyd Wright so I would probably enjoy it. Thanks for recommending it!