Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kids are brats

I really have a thing about kids - I LOVE my own, but you have to be a pretty special kid otherwise for me to think you aren't a brat. I am convinced that most kids are - sorry, they are!

Matt came home from school today - second grade - very upset. Apparently a girl from school called him a "Idiot and a weinerhead" today on the playground. She went on the call other kids several other unkind names, including "Dufus and moron".

She went to the principal, but upon further investigation, I've found out that this kid is a serial brat. So you know this behavior is acceptable at home and nothing will be done about it.

Kids.....so not ok.


Jennifer said...

I totally agree with you on this. Shannon had a kid at school who was the epitome of a brat and the school wrote it off because his parents were getting divorced. Guess what? I was the same age when my parents go a divorce and I never, ever, ever acted that way!

Krissa said...

I hate brats and am constantly bombarded with stories from Will and Elisa about brats at school.Most recently, Will came home and told me he had to go to the principal at school... not because he had done anything wrong, but because he was a "victim of bullying". Apparently a girl in his class tied his sleeves in a knot, and Will was unable to free himself (whatever..). He told the teacher, which resulted in this girl being sent to the principal. This is also the same girl who, along with 6 other girls from Will's class, call our home nightly to "speak" to Will (ie giggle and hang up on him...)It kills me when Elisa gets her feelings hurt at school. Kids are so bratty in elementary school... I hate it!! Middle school seems a little bit better in that respect!