Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This past weekend, we took a family road trip. The actual "purpose" of the trip was for a soccer tournament for Olivia in Southern California (The Anaheim Cup), but we decided to take the kids out of school a couple of days early, visit Disneyland and make it a mini vacation.

We were all excited about the journey. Well, the kids are never thrilled about spending seven hours in the car, but once we are on the way, the drive becomes part of the fun. I think it does anyway!
We had such a great time. Just being away together was priceless. The kids don't fight like they do at home (they fight but it isn't the same!), and everything about the days just seems different. Sometimes I think we all need to change up the routine a bit. (And it makes getting back into your routine again even better!)

I think I am pretty good about being grateful for my life. I could be better at times, but I really do make it a point to stop and take in things every day, and I know that I am really blessed to have what I have. We all know how quickly things can change.......and I appreciate my life so much.

I took some pictures that make me feel grateful. I want to share them with you.

Olivia and Matt holding hands in line for a ride - what????? When does this ever happen?!!!

The girls in an embrace....xoxoxox

Dan cracking up at dinner.....I am pretty sure we were imitating his snoring noises from the night before. He still refuses to believe he snores.....evs.

Sleeping at the end of a long day........too cute.

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Jennifer said...

I love it. You have such a sweet, beautiful family.