Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spa Day

When I was little, I loved to have a free weekend day to call a "beauty day". I would do my nails, condition my hair, and give myself a facial using my mom's creams. This may have come from my Nana, who every Sunday without fail would do a similar thing. She would take a long bath, shave her legs, and paint her fingers and toes. She had a flowered cardboard box of nail polish in the kitchen that she would pull out, and I loved being there when she was doing her nails so that I could do mine too. Those were happy memories for me.

So last weekend when my girls woke up and told me that they wanted to have a spa day with their awesome friends across the street, I was so happy! It seemed like my Nana revisited right here in my bathroom! They asked if they could use my big tub to soak their feet, use my facial mask and if I had enough vinegar so they could rinse their hair with it (old family secret for shiny hair......:)). I said SURE and set them free to do their thing.

I had a bunch of errands to run, and came home to their clean shiny faces, sparkling hair, freshly painted and very colorful nails and their big smiles when they told me that it was lots of fun.

Later that day I headed upstairs and what I saw in the garbage can made me smile and then laugh.......

Here it is:

When I asked them about it, Liv said "Oh, when we were doing our masks we put cucumber on our eyes......and then we ate them."

Hilarious. I love those kids.


cathy said...

OMG I probably would have done the same thing. Hilarious.

Jennifer said...

Hey! That is the ultimate in reduce, recycle and reuse. I love it!