Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Big Trip

A while back I mentioned that the King had taken Matt (7) on a trip to New York. Because I am slightly picture challenged on this blog, I have not written more about this amazing journey. So here goes.

The King is a huge, huge baseball fan. He grew up watching the Yankees, his whole family loves them, and growing up in New York, they were his team. In college, he actually worked at Yankee Stadium, a job he loved because he got to be at the stadium all the time.

Well, Yankee Stadium is old and needs to be rebuilt. So this season was the last season the team would play in the original stadium, and a new one is currently being built right next to it. Knowing that this would be the only chance Matthew would get to see the stadium, The King and his friend Kevin concocted a plan to go to one of the last games and bring the boys.

How cute is this picture above? Look at Matt's skinny little arm with the glove hanging off of it! Could he be any more adorable?

Here are all of the boys - The King, Matt, Zach and Kevin.

As Kevin said: "$100 for the tickets to the game, $50 spent on drinks, hot dogs and cotton candy, $50 for the beer the King and I consumed at the game. A weekend spent with your best friends watching a baseball game - PRICELESS".

Well said.


Jennifer said...

That is really cool. It sounds like they had the best time.

Krissa said...

I am sure Matt will never forget that trip!! What a lucky kid!