Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Part 1

This past weekend Liv's softball team had a tournament in Reno, NV, just a couple of hours away from our house by car. All week we'd been getting excited about the trip, packing and looking forward to a little vacation interspersed with some softball games.

The whole team stayed at the same hotel, which is lots of fun since the girls spend lots of team building time together. Not having done anything like this as a kid, I see how much fun Liv has with her team and it makes me happy.

Our first game was at 8am on Saturday and we lost. The second game looked like it was heading in the same direction, and then things changed.

Let me set it up for you.......The score was 7-1, then we scored 1, then another, bringing us to 7-3, two girls on base.

Liv got up to bat. Fingers crossed, she watched as strike one crossed the plate. I had to stand up and pace at that point since I couldn't sit still. It seemed like slow motion as the pitcher threw the ball, Liv swung and hit A HOME RUN!!!!!!!! I started screaming and jumping up and down and just might have peed my pants a little.....just a little.

Love that kid!

That brought the score to 7-6 and we ended up winning the game 9-7.



Jennifer said...

That was such an awesome story! Way to go Liv!

noble pig said...

Her team name cracks me up.

Krissa said...

That is awesome! Good job, Liv!!!!

Becky said...

Good job Liv! You Rock!