Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random Thought: "What the?"

Does Richard Simmons need to wear shirts like this?




Krissa said...

He is completely insane. Yes, I know he's a millionaire, and I know Gram loved Sweatin' to the Oldies with him, but the outfits prove to me 2 things: He is so gay he can bearly handle it, and he is not playing with a full deck of cards. His shorts are always so short!!!

noble pig said...

Ha! I always feel like he stinks like B.O. in his glittery madness. And the dolphin shorts...he must have that crap custom made because you cannot buy that stuff...ANYWHERE!

And Paula, she had a bit too many curls...was that a wig? You are the wig spotter...was it?

Krissa said...

I don't even want to mention his hair!

tina said...

The shirt is one thing, but the shorts give me the shivers. Is he ever going to stop wearing those things. ICK! When Paula said my ziti is bigger than yours, she was probably right!!

Jennifer said...

OMG Lisa...my mother met Richard Simmons at Logan Airport the last time she came to visit. He was standing behind her in line so she was able to meet him and get a picture with him. The only thing I could ask was "Was he wearing Dolphin shorts Mom?" and she said "Yes! He was!"