Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pea Brain, But He's Mine

I love the King. I really, really do. He is funny, a great Dad, and a really good guy. I love to be with him, to see him with the kids, and I'm glad I married him.

But seriously, I don't get him sometimes. In fact, I'm not sure I get men in general.
A wise, wise friend of mine gave me an important piece of advice/wisdom a few years ago. It was incredibly helpful.

She said "Lisa, men are really so so simple. You just have to remember that. When you ask a man what he is thinking about, and he says "Nothing." we women just don't believe it. We push and push...."No, tell me, what are you thinking about? You can tell me, I won't be mad." But really, when they say they are thinking about nothing, THEY MEAN IT! They literally have NOTHING going on in the brain area. NOTHING!"

I can tell you from my own experience, that once I learned that, my life and my marriage changed for the better. I stopped worrying so much, and I started to realize that all of the things I was worried that the King might be worried about, were actually all just figments of my imagination! Figments I say!

The things that actually do take up space in the King's brain astonish me. Take this morning for example.

The King takes a shower, gets dressed, and when he comes down he is holding a sweatshirt in his hand. I looked at it, wondered for a minute why, figured there must be a good reason, continue to make breakfast for the cherubs, and then I heard it:

The King: "What in the name of holy hell is on my sweatshirt?"

Me: "Huh?"

The King: "What the heck is this all over my favorite sweatshirt?"

I take a quick look, see a bunch of brown crap on the sleeves and front of the sweatshirt.

Me: "How should I know? It's your sweatshirt. It looks like it needs to be washed."

The King: "I think it's ruined. (The King is always very very dramatic...) I tried to get it off, and I scratched at it, and the stuff is all furry. Look! The stuff is stuck on there! It won't come off! It's ruined."

Me: "Yeah, I'm sure. Ruined."

The King: "Why can't people just keep their mits off my stuff?"
Me: "Yeah, it is a conspiracy we've been working on for a while here. Let's ruin all of your stuff. I'll wash it, go to work."

So there you have it folks. This, THIS, is what is taking up space in a man's brain.The furry stuff that someone deliberately wiped all over his sweatshirt.

PS - The furry substance was chocolate....I washed it off with a paper towel. It was brutal.


noble pig said...

Does The King read this blog? He-he...

Imagine how things would go if they really had things going on up there...we'd really be in for it.

Is chocolate furry?

Scrappin Jenny said...

OMG. My father told me the same exact thing your friend did when I got married. And just like you, it put my mind at ease.

This reminds me of something my husband did the other day...he asked me where his belt was. I said "It's under the dresser" and he said "How in the hell did it get there?" I said "I have no freaking clue but I saw it there yesterday." Why in the hell he'd put his belt under the dresser was beyond me, but I thought he must have a reason for putting it there...

bogie33 said...

The King IS dramatic and He does Love his chocolate!