Monday, July 28, 2008

We made it!

Greetings from Florida!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon after an easy flight. Well, the flight was easy, but there was another slight problem. Matt put a 20 oz. bottle of water in my bag as we were getting onto the plane, and the ENTIRE thing spilled all over everything. I didn't know it until I sat on the plane, put my bag in my lap and it immediately appeared that I had wet my pants in a big, big way. Not good. But what was worse was the my cell phone and blackberry were in the bag and were toast. The blackberry has recovered for the moment, my regular phone is gone. Don't call me on it folks.......the screen is a lovely light pink color, but there is no action on it at all.

I do have a couple of highlights to share. The first is hearing my five year old niece Elisa sing the song "Take a Bow" by Rihanna. I am going to try to video her today and get a clip on here to share with you. She takes it so seriously that mid-song yesterday she asked us to start it over because she "wanted to do it really really good". I laughed so hard in the car yesterday a couple of drops of pee escaped. It cracks me up that much.

The second highlight happened last night back at Krissa's house after dinner at my mother's house. I will add here that it was a great great dinner - a full turkey dinner which we referred to as "Summergiving". So good! When we came home we were sitting in the living room talking about toe cramps. I haven't a clue why it came up, but that comment suddenly turned into all of us trying to give ourselves a toe cramp so we could laugh hysterically at how weird our toes looked all curled up. Krissa described mine as looking like a lobster claw, which isn't that far off from what my feet look like on a normal day unfortunately.

More to come when I have some video footage.


noble pig said...

I've never heard of anyone cooking a turkey in the middle of a Florida summer! However, I would have had no problem in partaking in the meal!

Was there creamed spinach and those famous rolls? Okay I'll stop.

I sure would like to describe to this blog...:(

Scrappin Jenny said...

I hate it, I mean HATE IT, when something like the water spilling on you happens on a plane. My daughter spilled an entire container of cranberry juice on me mid-flight from MA to CA. I looked like I had been murdered.

I would LOVE to see a clip of Elisa singing Take A Bow. It sounds priceless.

And that picture is great but holy (bleep)...Jack and Will look so freaking huge! I didn't even recognize Jack! I thought "Who is that kid?" then it hit me. I haven't seen him or Will in years. They look so grown up!