Friday, July 18, 2008

Words She Hates

The other day my nine year old daughter decided that there are several words that she will never ever utter again in her life. She literally came downstairs and said "Mom, I really hate the word unique and I am never going to say it again." I had to laugh!

This lead to a discussion of what other words she doesn't round out her list are the following words: tender, vomit, moist, unique, juicy, scrumptious, luscious, tasty, wonderful.

This just cracked me up. And of course, she has opened herself up to lots of harassment by her siblings by letting them in on this little secret. You just know that during the next kid fight, one of them is going to say every single one of these hated words just to make Grace mad. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to so publicly announce this list.....


Krissa said...

We were walking the other day and Jack said out of the blue, " I bet Grace hates the words 'tender' and 'moist'..." I said " I bet you're right... we'll have to ask her!!"

Scrappin Jenny said...

Hey Lisa!

I'm so glad you started a blog! I'm going to add you to my list of blogs, if you don't mind. I'm always looking for new (and good) online reading!

noble pig said...

Ha! See I hate that word moist too but I use it constantly when writing about food. Bwahahahahaha!

But you know i had this list too as a kid and I had my favorite word list. My favorite was the name of a city in San Luis Obispo County's called Atascadero...see how that rolls off the tongue. I understand Graces' conundrums.