Tuesday, August 5, 2008

He Disagrees

The King, that is.

He feels that he has been inaccurately represented in my blog. He takes special issue with the story of the pasta for dinner event, which he thinks makes him look bad. (Wasn't that the point?)


So he has threatened to start his own blog to counter any attacks he feels are unjustified. He says he will call it "The Blog of Truth".

While I think this would be hilarious, I hold no hope that it will actually happen. He isn't technically savvy at all......but if it does happen, I can promise that I will provide you all with the link.

Stay tuned.....


Scrappin Jenny said...

I am laughing so hard right now. I actually thought "The Blog of Truth...if he starts this I hope she posts a link" and then you said you would. So awesome I can't stand it.

Krissa said...

Oh I would LOVE to read that one!! That would be awesome. Whatever you write about he refutes and gives his own spin on it. That is a brilliant idea!!!

bogie33 said...

In order for the KING to blog he would have accopmlish a very hard thing for the King,Finishing what he puts his mind to. He would go on the computer, check his email, baseball stats , world news, local news, weather for his upcoming trip, politics et al..he would then touch every single object on his desk look at his watch , yawn and head off to bed, Curing the fact that he would first have to sign up and design the blog..The King would produce a glorious blog, he is gifted in words, unfortunatly for us they will never hit the key board..
- a loyal subject

noble pig said...

Yeah King, go for it...I triple dog dare you....tell us how Lisa really rolls.

The Wild Boar has threatened this since day one. Maybe you two should do it together. We'll send all our readers your way because it would be wildly popular.

In fact Lisa and I will set up the site for you both!