Friday, August 8, 2008

New Olympic Sport

There are some amazing devices and gadgets created for the elderly and disabled. My grandmother had one of those "grabber" things that helped her pick things up when she couldn't reach them. Another one of these genious inventions is the elevated toilet seat that makes getting on and off the bowl and little easier.

If you haven't seen one, here is a picture.

My question of the day though is this.......What do you do when you come upon one in a bathroom?

We had this quandary this week when we visited The King's grandfather, who has one of these in his bathroom. Hey, at 97, he deserves to use anything that will make his life a little easier!

When we arrived in NC, we all needed to use a bathroom. Grace headed in first, came out and in went Olivia. After a few minutes of talking and saying hello, I went in too. When I got there, I noticed the elevated seat, I wondered immediately what the girls had done when they saw it. But in all of the excitement, I forgot to ask them until later that night.

It was worth the wait.

Me: "Hey girls, what did you do about that thing over the toilet when you were in there?"

Grace: "Yeah, I didnt know what to do, so I just moved it out of the way and then I put it back when I was done."

Me: "Good job honey. Liv, what did you do?"

Liv: "Well, I wasn't sure what to do either, so I left it there, but I grabbed on to the bars on the side and just put my legs out straight while I peed so I wouldn't have to sit on it."

Is this how the pommel horse began? Hey, if TABLE TENNIS is a sport, why not this? Hmmmmmmm .....


ALF said...

Ha ha ha! That is great! That's probably what I would have done.

cole2774 said...

Oh my god that is so funny. When i saw the picture of it my 1st thought is Oh my god how do you use it. i like both girls style... Olivia clearly has way more upper body strength then i do. i couldnt lift my fat butt out of the pool nor could i do it her way on the olympic toilet seat..

Scrappin Jenny said...

The visual from that story is almost as good as the story itself. Olivia must have amazing upper body strength!

Krissa said...

I'm with Grace!! I cannot believe Olivia peed 'pummel horse' style!!!! Good job Liv!

noble pig said...

OMG, how did she even do that. That's insane but the best part is they just found a way.