Tuesday, August 26, 2008


About two months ago, we had a disaster in our house.

It was early, the kids were still sleeping, and I got up, got my coffee and went to the computer to check my e-mails, do a little work and check my favorite blog sites.

But the computer wouldn't turn on. It seemed to be in sleep mode, so I wiggled and jiggled the mouse, but no luck. So I turned the computer off using the button on the tower, gave it a minute and turned it back on. Nothing. So I tried again, and again, and again. Nothing.

Finally on try number 3 it worked! Yahoo! So I sat and waited while it started up.

As this was happening, I smelled something weird. Like burning rubber, or plastic. And then I saw it - SMOKE! Coming up from under the desk around my legs! I screamed for Dan, who really hustled to get upstairs (NOT!) and by the time he arrived I had everything off and unplugged.

But I was in a panic. All of our pictures, many of them saved to CD but not every single one, are on that computer. I was afraid to turn it on for fear that it might actually really blaze this time.

In the end, after a visit to a computer place and some help from our friend Dan, our pictures are safe and are on our new computer. But I was frantic to save them ALL to CD's so as never to feel this stress again.

In the course of doing this today, I came across this beauty. Is there anything cuter?

Oh, the memories......


Scrappin Jenny said...

That is such a great picture! It's ones like that that make you smile.

Krissa said...

I miss my Matt!!! He's such a good boy!! Did you get the pictures I sent?