Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Conflicted

Those of you who know me well probably know that I am a little overprotective of my kids and what they watch, read and do. Call me a nut, but I really just think that as long as I have "control" of them (and I use that term loosely) I should be able to have ultimate say in what goes into their heads.

I held strong on not watching Spongebob for a long time, and caved. I fought like crazy to keep Raven off my screen, and caved. And just recently, with the assurance of my sister Krissa, I've allowed iCarly to be seen by the kids. I really held off on the one......but again, I caved.

But I am totally and completely boggled by the folks around me who have let their 11 year old children read the Twilight series.

I know, I know, Bella and Edward don't really "do" anything, they don't drink, smoke, do drugs.......but the descriptions of how they feel about each other, and the little bit that they do do, are enough as far as I am concerned. Yes, Liv is much more the sporty girl, and not into boys at all, but even if she was, this book would still not be on her nightstand. I guess this is the one good thing about her hating to read - she isn't asking to read them anyway.

What do you think? Am I being crazy?


Scrappin Jenny said...

Oh my gawd Lisa, I am so glad you said this!

I know a woman who has let her 12 year old daughter read all these books and I have to say, I was SHOCKED that she let her read them. Not that there is anything graphic in them, but they are not meant for a child of that age. No way, no how.

My daughter Shannon will be turning 13 in a little over a month and I would never DREAM of her reading these books until she was much older. Besides the fact that they aren't her type of book and she wouldn't be interested in them anyway (thank God).

No no no, I agree with you 150%on this. Kids grow up fast enough as it is...we don't need to push them into adulthood before they're ready for it.

Krissa said...

Jack hates to read too, but he saw the trailer for this movie and now wants to read it- I have started it, and I am not far into it, but so far haven't read anything in it that is even bad. Maybe I need to read further before I decide what to do. The movie looks good!
All I know is that I can't see how the Judy Blume books I read when I was young could be any worse! I can't believe Mom let us read those!!!!! They're awful, but I liked them.........

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

While many of our kids have the ability to read that "level" of book, the emotions, sexual undertones, and feelings described are ones that they have yet to conceptualize. In fairness, it also takes away from the experience of reading about feelings at the time when they are ready to (or currently experiencing) them.

I think my 15 year old said it best when her sister asked to read them - "Mom - they are not appropriate for Madi. The emotions in this book feel so "real" and I am just beginning to understand those feelings, and I have a boyfriend and am in high school". Sometimes teenagers are smarter than I give them credit for!