Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Love Walmart

When the economy really started tanking, and gas prices soared, I took a good hard look at what I was spending on food. To be honest, I never really looked that hard at the prices of the things I generally bought every week. But realizing that I had less and less to spend thanks to gas and everything in general being so much more expensive, I started to look and to really pay attention.

And then a new Super Walmart opened not too far from me - maybe a 10 minute drive away.

OH MY GOD! Exactly the same items that I had paid $2.50 at my local grocery store were $1.75 at Walmart. One one item! That is huge!!!!! What astonished me is that these things weren't on sale at Walmart - that was just the regular price. There are many many items that are priced so much cheaper than at a regular grocery store. The savings can be huge.

So I became a convert. I shop for food at Walmart each and every week. I will admit that sometimes the produce grosses me out. If there is even ONE fly around the fruit, I'm out. I just can't do it. I've joked that my rule is that flies are okay around produce with a hard skin.......potatoes, carrots, wrapped lettuce - I'm good. Peaches, tomatoes, pears - no can do if there are any flying things around them.

So this is my announcement for the day. If you have a nice Walmart close by, go there to shop. If your Walmart is like the one near my sister Jenna's house where there is a good chance you could be shot while you are in there, reconsider. Or the one near where my father in law lives where it is totally fine to SMOKE in the Walmart, don't go.

But otherwise, run, don't even walk, and give Walmart a try.


Krissa said...

Or if there is a phantom pee-er in the produce section who the police can't seem to nab, don't shop there either.... I found a new one about 15 minutes away and I KNOW it's worth the trip.. and it's worth the shower I feel the urge to take once I get home!!! ha ha

Jennifer said...

We don't have a Super Wal Mart anywhere back here! I'm stuck shopping at Roche Bros. which has turned into the worst grocery store ever. They never have anything and their prices are sky high. It's really annoying...

Les said...

1. There is a Wal Mart practically within 5 miles of anywhere you might be at. 2. Almost all Wal Marts are open 24/7. 3. Wal Mart's prices are competitive. 4. Wal Mart has practically everything. 5. Wal Mart will match any special that any of their competitors are currently running. Those above 5 reasons are why I will never say anything bad about Wal Mart. If any other retail chain is willing & able to do those 5 above-mentioned things as well or better than Wal Mart, let it step up to the plate & possibly bring Wal Mart down. Until then, Wal Mart will be my retailer of choice.