Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's the Little Things

It cracks me up that it is really the little things in life that matter.

Every day, I feel like I do a million things for my family and for others too. I cook great meals, I keep the house spic and span, I run the kids around like crazy all day, I volunteer so much I should sit on my hands when people are looking for helpers......you know how it is.

But really, while those things are great, it can be even more simple.

Last night, I put the kids dinner on the table, realized we had no milk because I hadn't been to the store in three days, and I took a frozen can of Minute Maid Orange Juice from the freezer. As I was getting out the pitcher, Matthew said "Hey Mom, is that the kind of orange juice you make yourself?"

"Yup." I said.

People, it was like these kids just won the lottery.

"Yahoo! Yeah! That is our FAVORITE!"

Matthew even said "Mom, you are the best mother ever! I just love you!"

All this for making a can of frozen oj. Who knew!



Jennifer said...

Hahahaha! That is awesome!

Krissa said...

I am now just learning it's the simple things that matter so much to them. They don't see what we do behind the scenes as their moms- they want us to appreciate the little things with them! I will be buying my '5 Alive' tomorrow (Do you remember that? It reminds me of Papa!!) They still make it in the frozen can!!!