Sunday, September 21, 2008

Born Without It

The gene for shopping that is. Thanks Mom. :)

This weekend the boys (The King and Matt who is 7) headed off on an amazing father/son trip to New York to see one of the last Yankee games to be played at Yankee Stadium. More on this in a future post.....

But since the girls were slightly sad at not being able to take a fun trip like this, we sat down to figure out what fun things we could do while they were gone.

It was a quick conversation since after the first two lines of it, I am pretty sure I died.

Olivia: "Can we go SHOPPING?"

Grace: "Yeah! That would be awesome! Can we go to Justice?"

My heart just fell. A whole weekend and all they want to do is SHOP. Kill me now. Right now.

So yesterday after two soccer games (one at 8am!), soccer pictures for both kids, and going into Sacramento to show five houses to a client, we shopped. And I really, really, really tried to be fun.

We went to Nordstrom Rack where we spent an interminable amount of time in the dressing room trying things on. We then headed to the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento (where you actually take your life in your hands and hope that this is NOT a day where there is a drive by shooting) to go to the Gap, Abercrombie and various other stores. Bags heavy and feet hurting, we came home.

But that wasn't enough. We hadn't gone to Old Navy or Justice. So this morning I showed five houses to yet another client, and then we shopped - again.

Can I ask why the hell Justice is so expensive and why the kids this age love it so much? The clothes are UGLY and they cost a fortune! I hate them! The freaking monkey on everything makes me want to hurt myself badly. I just don't get it.

So our girl's weekend is almost over. While I love being with my girls, I'm glad the shopping is done.

Girls, if you log on and see this, consider this a loving message from your mother. I love you. But I still hate to shop. I do it for you......


Jennifer said...

"Can we go to Justice?"

Hahahaha...I hear that all the time! My daughter was just introduced to it through a friend and it's one of her favorite places to go. I'm lucky though...she doesn't like the graphic stuff they have their with the monkey, thank God.

I'm a champion shopper and I've passed the gene on to my daughter, which is not good. Just last week she had a half day and we did some serious damage at the Natick Mall Gap. It was not pretty. Hahaha...

Kevin said...

4 tix to The 2nd to last Yankee Game: $400
Dinner @ The ESPN Zone : $100
125 point Game Zone Tix: $25
Not having to Go to Whatever Justice is and Being apart of your sons 1st "Guys Weekend"...PRICELESS