Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Off to Bigger and Better Things.......:(

Today the absolute best babysitter in the world left for her new life at UC Santa Cruz.

Libby has been taking care of my cherubs for the last four years, and has become a part of our family. She is always there to bail me out of my last minute childcare needs, can handle whatever comes her way when she is here (like helping me with every single supper club dish I have to get ready at the very last minute), and always, always, leaves the house better than when she got there (even when she doesn't feel good and the last thing she wants to deal with is a sink full of dishes). She has that "can do" attitude, like when the kids wanted to make a cake, but we were out of eggs. What did she do? Walked with them to her house to borrow some eggs so that no one was disappointed, and they got an adventure to boot. She is amazing, and we were lucky to have her for as long we did.

Today as she was leaving and saying goodbye to us all, I thought about all that she has in store for her in the days, weeks, and years to come. It brought me back to the day I was delivered to UNH, nervous but excited. I could see that she felt that way too, and while it made me feel a little bit old, it made me remember all of those feelings which in a way made me feel young too.

Libby, have a ball.......we know you'll do great!!!!!!

But we'll miss you tons..........


Jennifer said...

She sounds like a nice girl. I hope her college years are the best!

Libby Morain said...

Aww Lisa thank you, you're so sweet!! I have absolutely loved every moment spent with you and your family, and your kids are by far the coolest in the world. I will miss you all so much, but I promise to visit every time I'm in town and will definitely keep in touch!!
Seriously though in order to avoid all these problems you should just move to Santa Cruz... All of you can come live in my dorm and it will just be one fantastic slumber party 24/7, think it over!!!
Talk to you soon!

lots of love,

P.S.: Lisa, you are so not old.

Bunny said...

Hi Lisa, this is my first visit to your blog, I love it! I work in a restaurant and we have a couple college girls that worked this summer that have gone back to school as well that we will miss too. They're just so full of life aren't they! We're looking forward to having them back on they're vacations. I really like Ina as well!