Friday, September 5, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Matthew came home from his third day of second grade with a story of a girl in his class whose father had just died.

Here is the conversation we had about this extremely sad event:

Matt: "Mom, Kallia wasn't at school today because she was at her father's funeral."

Me: "WHAT? Are you sure Matt? She was there for the first two days of school but not today?"

Matt: "Yup. He died a while ago and his funeral was just today so she wasn't at school. A couple of kids starting crying in school when we were talking about people dying, but I didn't say anything about Papa dying because it would make me too sad."

Me: "That's ok. Wow. What did the teacher say about the whole thing?"

Matt: "Well, she said not to ask Kallia too many questions because it might make her too sad. And then she said that Kallia's dad had some disease what (yes, he said what) begins with a P, and that sometimes when you get something like that, it is just (long pause and then gave a small clap of his hands)..........boom."


WHAT? Did the teacher actually give seven year old's this information? That you can get something and then it is just.......BOOM? WHAT?

We talked a bit more about it although he seemed relative unfazed by the whole thing so I didn't go crazy. But I'd still like to know what really was said......


Jennifer said...

No kidding! I'd like to know what was said as well.

What a sad story though. That poor little girl. I hope her and her family are doing alright.

noble pig said...

It kills me about this little girl, it's so sad.

I mean..boom is the way to go...but I really wonder how it was said, geez.