Saturday, September 6, 2008


I admit it. I am sooooo super bored by life without my shows. My grandmother would call them "my programs". Without some tv shows to keep me going, I don't seem to have a meaning to my evenings. While I love to read, knit, blog, I really look forward to just relaxing on the couch at night with my favorite shows.

But they haven't started yet. They are coming, but not yet. We'll get into my faves in another blog for sure.

My "go to" stations during the off season are MSNBC, which I have on all day long, and the Food Network. So last night when dinner was almost ready (but not quite), I sat down ready to turn on the Food Network, yet decided to spin through the network offerings first. I came upon a show that I forgot was going to be on, but that I had heard a lot about - "Stand Up 2 Cancer". All three of the networks got together to air this show simultaneously in an effort to raise money to cure cancer once and for all.

Oh, good!, I thought. There will probably be some good people on the show, some interesting facts, maybe some music. Let's watch!

People, I think I had the show on for a max of 15 minutes.

It started out great with some stars talking, and then the news folks coming out and telling about their loved ones who had been stricken by this hideous disease. At that point, I was shaky, but holding on.

And then came the kids. Dear Jesus, the kids. I swear I went hysterical in 2.2 seconds and barely was able to breathe. I just couldn't stand it. That segment ended, and I tried to pull it together while my kids all gathered around me, kissing and patting me, trying to make me feel better. "Why is Mommy so freaked out?" they must have thought.

As James Taylor and Sheryl Crow sang "Fire and Rain" my emotions really started to take over. I just could not keep it in check. More stories of folks who had cancer themselves, or had a loved one taken by cancer kept coming and coming..........

Finally, I reached out, grabbed the remote and stated (kind of like a lunatic I realize) "I can't watch this anymore, not for one more minute. I just can't handle it, sorry. I just can't do it. I just can't." And quickly turned the station back to the Food Network.

God, cancer SUCKS! So freaking bad! Why can't we cure it? Will money help? Will anything help? Are we all destined to fall to this disease? Is there any way to avoid it? In my own experience, I had a father who was always taking vitamins, taking good care of himself, was a doctor for god's sake!, exercising and doing all of the right things.......yet he died of prostate cancer at age 65. What could suck more than that?

Let me tell you......Nothing.


Krissa said...

I taped the show, and have thought maybe I shouldn't even watch it- now I know I will just delete it. I know it will freak me out too much.

Jennifer said...

I am so sorry Lisa. I met your father on several occasions and he was one of the nicest, friendliest people I've ever met. I was so sorry when Krissa told me he lost his battle with cancer. I know what he meant to her and how hard it was for all of you to go through.

I hope you're feeling better today.